October, 2017

Sutherland, NSW

The 2017 National Youth Wrestling Championships took place in Sutherland, Sydney from October 14 to 15. Over the weekend, our WA Team took 4 Golds, 8 silvers and 3 bronze medals. Well done to the whole team.

And of course, special thank you extends to National Coaches Alan Landy and Peet Palm who hosted and prepared special training, and a special thank you to all the First Aid, Officials, Parents and volunteers.


Boys 6-7yo 26kg Gold – Jack Graham-Arho

Boys 6-7yo 42kg
Gold – Heinrich Vorster

Boys 8-9yo 26kg
Silver – Christian Cloete

Boys 8-9yo 42kg
Silver – John Kelly

Boys 10-11yo 38kg
Silver – Nicholas Schonfeldt

Boys 10-11yo 42kg
Silver – Christian Vorster

Boys 12-13yo 47kg
Silver – Heinrich Shonfeldt

Boys 14-15yo 53kg
Bronze – Frederick Jankowitz

Boys Cadets 16-17yo 63kg
Silver – Logan Murray

Girls 8-9yo 26kg
Gold – Kirrali Richmond
Silver – Ada Papallo

Girls 10-11yo 42kg
Silver – Karen Gregory

Girls 14-15yo 52kg
Gold – Chloe Wilson

The West Australian Youth Wrestling Team ready for action at the Youth National Championships in Sydney!

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