WWA Documents

WWA Documents

WWA Documents & Forms

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WWA Events Subcommittee Terms of Reference [pdf]
WWA Policy Privacy 2020 [pdf]
WWA Risk Management Plan [pdf]
WWA Volunteer Management Policy 2023 [pdf]
WWA Volunteer Role Descriptions [pdf]
WWA Concussion Policy [pdf]
WWA Governance Charter [pdf]
WWA Marketing Strategy [pdf]
Wrestling Rules (2021) October New Modifications [pdf]
Wrestling Rules (2021) [pdf]
WA Member Protection Policy (2020) [pdf]
WAI Risk Management Policy (2020) [pdf]
WA Anti-Match Fixing Policy (2013) [pdf]
WA Anti-Doping Policy (2020) [pdf]
WA Board Communication Policy (2015) [pdf]
Code of Conduct for Representing Australia (2015) [pdf]
Selection Process (2015) [pdf]
Concussion Policy (2018) [pdf]
Wrestling WA 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan [pdf]
Wrestling WA 2020 Constitution [pdf]
Western Australian Transgender Policy [pdf]
Western Australia Whistle Blower Policy [pdf]

Wrestling Western Australia

Wrestling Western Australia (WWA) is the peak body for the sport of Olympic Wrestling in Western Australia.

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