November, 2017

12:00 – 17:00
  Kingsway Christian College, 157 Kingsway, Darch, 6065

Special thank you to host and Tournament director Erica May of MMA 24/7.
Thank you to all Wrestlers, First Aid, Officials, Parents, WA Combat Sport Commission, Wrestling Australia Commission and volunteers.

Freestyle – 5-7yo (5-6yo) Boys 23kg
Gold – Alex Kupari (Gladiators)
Silver – Tye Bonar (Warriors)
Bronze – Harry Logan (Gladiators)

Freestyle 5-7yo Girls 23kg
Gold – Daile Marie Watkins (MMA)

Freestyle 5-7yo (7yo) Boys 23kg
Gold – Michael Morris-Millingale (MMA)
Silver – Tait Anderson (Gladiators)
Bronze – Luhen Gouws (Warriors)

Freestyle 5-7yo Girls 26kg
Gold – Angela Morris-Millingalle (MMA)

Freestyle 5-7yo Boys 26kg
Gold – Jack Graham-Arho (Warriors)

Freestyle 5-7yo Boys 36kg
Gold – Hayden Ireland (MMA)

Freestyle 5-7yo Boys 42kg
Gold – Gus Vorster (Warriors)

Freestyle 8-9yo Girls 23kg
Gold – Ada Pappalo (MMA)

Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 23kg
Gold – Jake Criddle (MMA)
Silver – Ethan Thorrold (Warriors)

Freestyle 8-9yo Girls 26kg 
Gold – Kirrali Richmond (MMA)
Silver – Liza Pappalo (MMA)

Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 26kg
Gold – Christian Cloete (Warriors)
Silver – Taj Distefano (MMA)
Bronze – Nick Logan (Gladiators)

Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 31kg
Gold – Miguel Medina-Perez (MMA)
Silver – Tyzak Ireland (MMA)

Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 36kg
Gold – Lucah Bonar (Warriors)
Silver – Joseph Hertel (MMA)

Freestyle 8-9yo Girls 42kg
Gold – Maddison Griffiths (MMA)

Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 42kg
Gold – John Kelly (MMA)
Silver – Ollie Jones (Gladiators)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 35kg
Gold – Simon Van der Riet (Tigers)
Silver – Max Ellis (Tigers)

Freestyle 10-11yo Girls 40kg
Gold – Karen Gregory (Gladiators)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 40kg
Gold – Nicholas Schonfeldt (Warriors)
Silver – Ruvan Gouws (Warriors)
Bronze – Slade Bonar (Warriors)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 45kg
Gold – Christian Vorster (Warriors)
Silver – Ryley Nicholson (Gladiators)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 51kg
Gold – Darcy MacDougall (Gladiators)
Silver – Luke Guy (Gladiators)
Bronze – Caelan Viney (MMA)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 58kg
Gold – John-Henry Hamilton (Sharks)

Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 65kg
Gold – Gray Moffat-Clark (Sharks)
Silver – Finn Bald (Gladiators)

Freestyle 12-13yo Girls 36kg
Gold – Angel Hogan (MMA)

Freestyle 12-13yo Girls 46kg
Gold – Hilda Van der Riet (Tigers)

Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 46kg
Gold – Cain Murray (MMA)
Silver – Lucius Gouws (Warriors)
Bronze – Heinrick Schonfeldt (Warriors)

Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 58kg
Gold – Adrien Ducray (Warriors)

Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 65kg
Gold – Sami Arabi (MMA)

Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 73kg
Gold – Maxim Strizek (Gladiators)

Freestyle 14-15yo Girls 54kg
Gold – Chloe Wilson (Gladiators)

Freestyle 14-15yo Boys 53kg
Gold – Carl Jankowitz (Warriors)

Freestyle 14-15yo Boys 85kg
Gold – Kyle Wright (Gladiators)

Freestyle Cadets Boys Freestyle 66kg
Gold – Logan Murray (MMA)
Silver – Lumard Van Loggerenberg (Sharks)
Bronze – Dylan McGrath (MMA)

Freestyle Cadets Boys Freestyle 76kg
Gold – Caleb Carlton (Gladiators)
Silver – Nima Behrouz (MMA)

Freestyle Cadet Boys Freestyle 85kg
Gold – Cian Butler (Sharks)

Freestyle Cadet Male Freestyle 100kg
Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators)

Junior Male Freestyle 66kg
Gold – Petrus Palm (Warriors)

Junior Male Freestyle 84kg
Gold – Jacob Cole (Tigers)

Freestyle Senior Female 55kg
Gold – Emma Richmond (MMA)

Freestyle Senior Female 60kg
Gold – Cristina Millingalle (MMA)

Freestyle Senior Male 61kg
Gold – Taaniel Piiskoppel (MMA)
Silver – Darcy Spowart (Warriors)

Freestyle Senior Female 75kg
Gold – Lexi Hamilton-Smith (Warriors)

Freestyle Senior Male 75kg
Gold – Jake O’Driscoll (Gladiators)
Silver – Taylor Pickering (Gladiators)

Freestyle Senior Male 97kg
Gold – Stojan Stojanovic (MMA)

Freestyle Senior Male 125kg
Gold – Ricky Luzny (Gladiators)

Greco Roman Cadet Male 75kg
Gold – Nima Behrouz (MMA)

Greco Roman Junior Male 85kg
Gold – Tom McFayden (MMA)

Greco Roman Senior Male 66kg
Gold – Taaniel Piiskoppel (MMA)

Greco Roman Senior Male 98kg
Gold – Leith McFarlane (MMA)

Greco Roman Senior Male 130kg
Gold – Ismail Khalil-Rustem (MMA)

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