April, 2017

8:00 – 14:00
Stirling Leisure Centres – Hamersley, 20 Belvedere Rd, Perth WA 6022

Special thank you to host and Tournament director Alan Landi of Gladiators Wrestling.
Thank you to all Wrestlers, First Aid, Officials, Parents and volunteers.

Freestyle – Male 6-7yo 23kg
Gold – Michael Morris-Millingale (MMA)
Silver – Max Gannon (Gladiators)
Bronze – Kaiden Richmond (MMA)

Freestyle – Female 6-7yo 23kg
Gold – Dale Marie Watkins (MMA)
Silver – Angela Morris (MMA)

Freestyle – Male 6-7yo 23kg
Gold – Christian Cleote (Warriors)
Silver – Taj Distefano (MMA)
Bronze – Jake Criddle (MMA)

Freestyle – Female 8-9kg 23kg
Gold – Kirrali Richmond (MMA)
Silver – Ariana Kendall (MMA)
Bronze – Mikayla Allan (MMA)

Freestyle – Male 8-9yo 26kg
Gold – Ranga George (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 8-9yo 31kg
Gold – Cameron Ford (Subiaco)
Silver – Miguel Perez (MMA)
Bronze – Kau George (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 35kg
Gold – John Kelly (MMA)

Freestyle – Male 10-11yo 35kg
Gold – Nicolas Schonfeldt (Warriors)

Freestyle – Female 10-11yo 35kg
Gold – Karen Gregory (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 36kg
Gold – James Moffat-Clarke (Fremantle)
Silver – Aston Wilson (MMA)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 42kg
Gold – Cain Murray (MMA)
Silver – Heinrich Schonfeldt (Warriors)

Freestyle – Male 14-15yo 42kg
Gold – Ngerte George

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 43kg
Gold – Lumard van Loggenberg (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 73kg
Gold – Maxim Strizek (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Female 14-15yo 45kg
Gold – Chloe Wilson (MMA)

Freestyle – Female 14-15yo 60kg
Gold – Mia Tesanovic (MMA)

Freestyle – Cadet Male 54kg
Gold – Logan Murray (MMA)

Freestyle – Cadet Male 75kg
Gold – Germit Venber (Warriors)

Freestyle – Cadet Male 100kg
Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Cadet Male 54kg
Gold – Logan Murray (MMA)

Greco Roman – Cadet Male 60kg
Gold – Petrus Palm (Warriors)

Greco Roman – Cadet Male 74kg
Gold – Zayd Zailiani (Evolution)

Greco Roman – Cadet Male 82kg
Gold – Jacob Cole (Subiaco)

Greco Roman – Cadet Male 96kg
Gold – Joseph Di Vincenzo (MMA)

Freestyle – Junior Female 55kg
Gold – Brooke Allan (MMA)

Greco Roman – Junior Male 96kg
Gold – Joseph Di Vincenzo (MMA)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 61kg
Gold – Stephan Erceg (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 65kg
Gold -Jonathan Morton (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 70kg
Gold – Joel Vrossink (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 74kg
Gold – Ando Lehtmets (MMA)
Silver – Kyle McWalter (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 86kg
Gold – Jack Della Maddalena (Warriors)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 97kg
Gold – Troy Humberston (MMA)
Silver – Matthew Jarvis (Gladiators)
Bronze – Stojanovic Stojan (MMA)
4th – Omar Mirza (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 125kg
Gold – Marcus Carney (Gladiators)
Silver – Damian Lane (Warriors)

Freestyle – Senior Female 55kg
Gold – Brooke Allan (MMA)

Freestyle – Senior Female 60kg
Gold – Cristina Millingale (MMA)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 75kg
Gold – Ando Lehtmets (MMA)
Silver – Kyle McWalter (Gladiators)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 80kg
Gold – Jay Tvomwy (MMA0

Greco Roman – Senior Male 85kg
Gold – Raido Reinsalu (MMA)
Silver – David Kelly (MMA)

Greco Roman – Senior Male 98kg
Gold – Troy Humberston (MMA)
Silver – Stojanovic Stojan (MMA)

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