March, 2019

10:30 – 17:00
Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Cres, Mirrabooka WA 6061

Special thank you to host and Tournament director Erica May.
Thank you to all Wrestlers, First Aid, Officials, Parents, WA Combat Sport Commission, Wrestling Australia Commission and volunteers.

Freestyle – Female 5-7yo 23kg
Gold – Linh Duong (Wolves)
Silver – Milla Graham-Arho (Warriors)
Bronze – Tabitha Humberston (Wolves)

Freestyle – Female 6-7yo 26kg
Gold – Havanna Donnelly (Wolves)
Silver – Mia Richardson (Wolves)

Freestyle – Female 8-9kg 26kg
Gold – Skye Branson (Next Generation MMA)

Freestyle – Male 8-9yo 26kg
Gold – Tait Anderson (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 8-9kg 31kg
Gold – Kilian Roberts (Subiaco)
Silver – Luhan Gouws (Warriors)
Bronze – Harry Logan (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 10-11yo 27kg
Gold – Jake Criddle (Wolves)
Silver – Massimo Dwyer (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 10-11yo 31kg
Gold – Zeke Branson (Next Generation MMA)
Silver – Jake Criddle (Wolves)

Freestyle – Male 10-11yo 40kg
Gold – Riley Kilvington (Fremantle)
Silver – Jules Chabbert (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 10-11yo 51kg
Gold – John Kelly (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Female 12-13yo 52kg
Gold – Karen Gregory (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Female 12-13yo 56kg
Gold – Karen Gregory (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 41kg
Gold – Maksym Ivanov (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 52kg
Gold – Ashton Kilvington (Fremantle)
Silver – Ruvan Gouws (Warriors)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 58kg
Gold – Christian Vorster (Warriors)
Silver – Darcy Macdougall (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 65kg
Gold – Darcy Macdougall (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 54kg
Gold – Finn Bald (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 12-13yo 82kg
Gold – Gray Moffat-Clarke (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Female 14-15yo 50kg
Gold – Chanelle Piipponen (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Female 14-15yo 62kg
Gold – Taonga Manuel (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 14-15yo 48kg
Gold – Loic Micallef (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 14-15yo 62kg
Gold – Lucius Gouws (Warriors)
Silver James Dwyer (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male 14-15yo 68kg
Gold – Sami Arabi (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male 14-15yo 75kg
Gold – Nicolas Figueroa (Subiaco)

Freestyle – Female Junior 53kg
Gold – Mia Tesanovic (Wolves)

Freestyle – Female Junior 55kg
Gold – Mia Tesanovic (Wolves)

Freestyle – Male Junior 70kg
Gold – Petrus Palm (Warriors)

Freestyle – Male Junior 74kg
Gold – Taylor Pickering (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male Junior 79kg
Gold – Alijan Rezai (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male Junior 86kg
Gold – Cian Butler (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Male Junior 97kg
Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male Junior 125kg
Gold – Joseph Akongo (Fremantle)

Freestyle – Female Senior 57kg
Gold – Ilka Richardson (Wolves)
Freestyle – Female Senior 59kg
Gold – Merit Annamaa (Wolves)

Freestyle – Female Senior 62kg
Gold – Merit Annamaa (Wolves)

Freestyle – Male Senior 74kg
Gold – Ando Lehtmets (Wolves)
Silver Taylor Pickering (Gladiators)
Bronze Michael Fragomeni (Gladiators)

Freestyle – Male Senior 86kg
Gold – Theodore Murphy-Jelley (Gladiators)
Silver Troy Phillips (Wolves)

Freestyle – Male Senior 97kg
Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators)
Silver Sele Leau (Punishers)

Freestyle – Male Senior 127kg
Gold – Alan Figueroa (Subiaco)

Greco-Roman – Male Senior 67kg
Gold – Cristian David Zapata Posso (Wolves)

Greco-Roman – Male Senior 72kg
Gold – Ando Lehtmets (Wolves)

Greco-Roman – Male Senior 77kg
Gold – Ando Lehtmets (Wolves)

Greco-Roman – Male Senior 82kg
Gold – Troy Phillips (Wolves)
Silver – Raido Reinsalu (Wolves)
Bronze – Cash McFarlane (Wolves)