September, 2018

10:30 – 17:00
  Craigie Leisure Centre, 751 Whitfords Ave, Craigie

Special thank you to host and Tournament director Erica May.
Thank you to all Wrestlers, First Aid, Officials, Parents, WA Combat Sport Commission, Wrestling Australia Commission and volunteers.

Freestyle – 5-7yo (5-6yo) Girls 23kg Gold – Mia Richardson (Wolves) Freestyle 5-7yo Girls 26kg Gold – Angela Morris-Millingale (Wolves) Freestyle 5-7yo (7yo) Boys 26kg Gold – Killian Roberts (Wolves) Silver – Luhan Gouws (Warriors) Freestyle 5-7yo Boys 31kg Gold – Tye Bonar (Warriors) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 23kg Gold – Michael Morris-Millingale (Wolves) Silver – Massimo Dwyer (Fremantle) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 26kg Gold – Tait Anderson (Gladiators) Silver – Luhan Gouws (Warriors) Bronze – Jake Criddle (Wolves) Freestyle 8-9yo Girls 26kg Gold – Dayle Watkins (Punishers) Silver – Skye Branson (Next Generation) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 31kg Gold – Sonny Hackett (Gladiators) Silver – Lucah Bonar (Warriors) Bronze – Christian Cloete (Warriors) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 23kg Gold – Jake Criddle (Wolves) Silver – Ethan Thorrold (Warriors) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 42kg  Gold – John Kelly (Wolves) Silver – William Naude (Warriors) Freestyle 8-9yo Boys 48kg Gold – Gus Vorster (Warriors) Silver – John Kelly (Wolves) Freestyle 10-11yo Girls 27kg Gold – Kirrali Richmond (Wolves) Gold – Ada Papallo (Wolves) Bronze – Liza Papallo (Wolves) Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 31kg Gold – Zeke Branson (Next Gen) Freestyle 10-11yo Girls 35kg Gold – Miguel Angel Medina Perez (Wolves) Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 40kg Gold – Robin Roberts (Subiaco) Silver – Jules Chabbert (Fremantle) Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 45kg Gold – Ashton Kilvington (Fremantle) Silver – Christian Vorster (Warriors) Freestyle 10-11yo Boys 58kg Gold – Brooklyn Legaspi-Waata (Wolves) Freestyle 12-13yo Girls 36kg Gold – Angel Hogan (Punishers) Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 41kg Gold – Nicolas Schonfeldt (Warriors) Silver – Slayde Bonar (Warriors) Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 51kg Gold – Christiaan Naude (Warriors) Silver – Calum Hogan (Punishers) Bronze – Ruvan Gouws (Warriors) Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 58kg Gold – Darcy MacDougall (Gladiators) Silver –  Edric Pienaar (Warriors) Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 73kg Gold – Gray Moffat-Clarke (Fremantle) Silver – Shaan Subba (Wolves) Freestyle 14-15yo Boys 38kg Gold – Zak Clarke (Wolves) Freestyle 14-15yo Boys 48kg Gold – Heinrich Schonfeldt (Warriors) Freestyle 14-15yo Boys 57kg Gold – Lucius Gouws (Warriors) Freestyle 14-15yo Girls 62kg Gold – Taonga Manuel (Gladiators) Freestyle 12-13yo Boys 62kg Gold – James Dwyer (Fremantle) Freestyle Cadets Girls 53kg Gold – Mia Tesanovic (Wolves) Freestyle Cadets Girls 57kg Gold – Mia Tesanovic (Wolves) Freestyle Cadets Boys 110kg Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators) Freestyle Juniors Boys 65kg Gold – Dylan McGrath (Punishers) Freestyle Juniors Boys 70kg Gold – TJ Pickering (Gladiators) Freestyle Juniors Boys 79kg Gold – Jacob Cole (Subiaco) Freestyle Juniors Boys 86kg Gold – Sebastian Ortiz (Gladiators) Silver – Cian Butler (Fremantle) Freestyle Juniors Boys 97kg Gold – Tom Barns (Gladiators) Freestyle Seniors Female 59kg Gold – Cristina Millingale (Wolves) Freestyle Seniors Male 65kg Gold – Taaniel Piiskoppel (Wolves) Silver – Jonathan Narayaran (Warriors) Freestyle Seniors Male 70kg Gold – Cristian David Zapata Posso (Wolves) Freestyle Seniors Female 72kg Gold – Lexi Hamilton-Smith (Warriors) Freestyle Seniors Male 82kg Gold – Emir Tupkovic (Punishers)

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Juniors Male 63kg Gold – Dylan McGrath (Punishers) Greco-Roman Juniors Male 82kg Gold – Sebastian Ortiz (Gladiators) Greco-Roman Seniors Male 72kg Gold – Ando Lehtmets (Wolves) Greco-Roman Seniors Male 82kg Gold – Raido Reinslau (Wolves) Silver – Emir Tupkovic (Punishers) Greco-Roman Seniors Male 87kg Gold – Leith Leander McFarlane (Wolves) Greco-Roman Seniors Male 99kg Gold – Stojan Stojanovic (Wolves) Greco-Roman Seniors Male 130kg Gold – Ismail Khalil-Rustem (Wolves)


Cristian Posso (Wolves) x 2 Troy Humberston (Wolves) x 1 Josef Hertel (Wolves) x 1

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